A variety of humanities spaptiotemporal datasets for testing various scenarios and functionality in humanities mapping systems. Short and long examples are available for testing that things work at all, then testing if they can scale.

CSV/spreadsheet/tabular data

KML Files

NOTE: KML files can easily be converted to GeoJSON using a converter, to test GeoJSON functionality.

GeoJSON Files

GeoJSON files can be created from KML files using a free converter. There are free converters that don't require you to sign up or download anything. Use your favourite search engine to find 'Convert KML to GeoJSON' or similar.

Text Files

Humanities Research Data

HuNI may be revised as part of TLCMap development. HuNI has previously identified and provided metasearch for the following Australian resources related to humanities:

Australian Research Data

Scientific and Government Data

Miscellaneous Humanities Spatiotemporal Datasets